Open Government Data

The specialized group “Open Government Data” promotes the use of open government data in Switzerland by ensuring that transaction costs at the interfaces between data producers, intermediaries, and data users are reduced to a strict minimum. Furthermore, it facilitates data users’ quality management tasks by standardizing the way data quality as well as the periodicity and timeliness of data publication are declared.

The specialized group produces aids for the publication process and collects best practices regarding data production, processing, publication, and re-use. It also fosters the develop-ment of a shared vision among the various stakeholders how data use and societal benefits of OGD are to be measured and reported.

Chef de groupe

Maik Roth
Stephan Haller


Andrea C. Mazzocco
Matthias Baumann
Beat Estermann
Edy Juillerat
Max Zurkinden
Markus Pilzecker
Andre Golliez
Daniela Koller
Michele Merzaghi
Jürg Hagmann
Jonas Eckenfels
Matthias Mazenauer
Raphaëlle Arnaud
Michael Grüebler
Fabian Cretton
Jean-Michel Houmard
Gerold Dahinden