eCH-0113 Spezifikation SuisseID

Version 1.0, Status Genehmigt, Publiziert am 28.06.2012

The SuisseID is the first standardized product for an electronic proof of identity in Switzerland that can be used for both qualified digital signatures and secure strong authentication. The SuisseID system provides three functions: - Strong authentication - Qualified digital signature - Electronic identity provider The components required to provide these functions are defined in this specification. SuisseID incorporates the ability to create qualified digital signatures according to Swiss digital signature law. All aspects related to the creation or validation of qualified digital signatures are governed by Swiss digital signature law and are considered as integral part of this specification. In case of differences, Swiss digital signature law will override this specification in this aspect and without implications on the remainder of this specification. The SuisseID is available nation-wide since May 2010 in the form of a smart card or as a token.


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